Congratulations to our TKD Tigers class who all graded successfully on Saturday 11th June.

They all performed brilliantly in their Bully awareness and Taekwon-Do examinations.

Picture shows the Tigers with their certificates and new Taekwon-Do Tags.

Classes are now finished for the Summer holidays and will resume in September.

Thank you to all the Tigers and their parents for their support throughout the year.




Today, 22nd January we had our Stranger Theme and Yellow Tag grading. We are very proud to announce that all the Tigers did a great job and were successful in both gradings.  

We will be taking a break next week and resume on February 5th with the Teamwork Theme which will continue until Easter.

The picture below shows the successful Tigers with their Tags and Certificates.






                                    TKD Tigers Teamwork & Yellow Tag Grading

The Ennis TKD Tiger Teamwork & Yellow Tag gradings took place on Saturday 21st March.

Following an enjoyable and exciting test, all of the children and their very proud parents were informed by instructors Kevin and Anne Marie Kinsella that they were all successful.


Teamwork theme classes help to cultivate one of the most important development skills that a child must master to allow them to integrate into society as successfully as possible.


Our goal throughout this theme was to encourage the children to work together, help one another and understand their importance as part of a team.

Due to the nature of teaching Teamwork efficiently a large proportion of this theme is based around games

                                                 Tigers with their Teamwork Certificates, Yellow Tags and Easter Eggs




 6 - 10 year old students who graded successfully for Yellow Tag at the Midwest Grading March 2010.




Our first TKD Tigers class began last October 2009 with the Stranger Awareness Theme. Each class since, the children have been practising how to react if they or their friends are approached

by a stranger.

We are very proud to report that all the children were successful and performed excellently at our first grading on Saturday 19th December.

We will resume classes on the Saturday 9th January with the Teamwork theme.




Stranger Awareness, Bully Awareness, Teamwork are but a few skills that your child will learn through fun role playing games and expert tuition.

'TKD Tigers is a life-skills course designed to teach children aged 4 & 5 about the dangers they may face today – and what they can do about them.

 Your child will learn about:   

Through this revolutionary course your children at the important age of 4 &5 years will be shown how to deal with the dangers of today's society.

'TKD Tigers has proved very popular in England, Scotland and now Ireland as it is very enjoyable for children and builds their confidence and self awareness at every stage.  TKD Tigers works closely with 'Staywise' a safety scheme run by the UK Fire Service, and backed by many other agencies, including Headstart, e2e Nutrition, Royal Lifeguards and the Police.


To book a place for your child, Contact Kevin or Anne Marie on 065-6820646 or e-mail:



Childrens Taekwon-Do classes (age 6 -10 years) are held every Saturday morning at the Ennis National school.

These classes cater for children from beginner right up to advanced levels. We have found that our teaching methods allow all students to enjoy Taekwon-Do training in age specific classes while also developing confidence through fitness, self-defence skills and healthy competition.

Young students learn teamwork and leadership skills while improving balance & coordination. As they move up in our belt system, they will learn that success comes to those who work for it, and they will build a personal 'tradition of winning' by setting goals and achieving them. They do this in a safe environment and everybody has fun while they learn.

New members are always welcome.

Beginners:                                        10.00am - 10.45am

Yellow Tag - Green Belts:              11.00am - 12.00pm

Green Tag & Green B elts:            11.00am - 1.00pm




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